Aftermarket/Custom parts can be fitted, either pre purchased or made by yourself (subject to inspection).  This way there is no confusion as to what parts have been fitted to your vehicle.



Hourly Labour Charge

General work is just £30 an hour.

Technical work is charged at £40 an hour.


First hour @ £50 each hour after that £25.

Vehicle will be left solid with photos to prove its integrity and also will be left primed ready for paint, unless you request colour. Paint will need to be supplied by you.



Whether its electrical diagnostics or a mechanical diagnosis needed, just £30 covers the whole hour.

Mobile Diagnostics available within BS postcodes, call out fee applies.



In house        £40 labour charge (interim)+£30 (full)

Each and every vehicle receives the same treatment whether a small old car to a larger modern car.  With a full check over inside and out, you'll receive details on all parts and components that need attention (with photos/ sometimes videos).  You'll be left feeling confident the service was carried out with attention to detail.  As for quality of parts I can advise you, or just leave getting the service kit to you.  The choice is yours!














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